The restoration project was developed by the Department of Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the Lombardy Region, together with Department of Arts, History, and Ethno-antropology of Milan, the Department of Architecture and urban Heritage of Milan, Opificio delle Pietre Dure of Florence. The main aim is to give back the right “legibility” to the decoration of Sala delle Asse.

The project concerns the preliminary researches and the diagnostics campaign, the intervention on the preparatory drawing on the northern angle of the room, and the implementation of the study project on the paintings marking out the vault and the lunettes.
The initial phase of the restoration project includes archive, historical and artistic research and, above all, a series of enquiries using the most advanced diagnostics techniques.

The main objective of the intervention is to stop the decline causes (caused by environmental and chemical ongoing processes), to clean the surfaces from the dirty layers and eventually to make the decorations legible, while being respectful of the previous restoration interventions.

Being the current situation quite complex, different phases of intervention are foreseen, that, starting from the monochrome, will be planned according to the results of the studies and of the diagnostic analyses.