MAY 2019 – JANUARY 2020

The “Sala delle Asse” is exceptionally reopened to the public on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Until January 12, 2020, thanks to a grandstand, it is possible to see up close the Monochrome: Leonardo draws with a charcoal stroke the root of the mulberry tree that creeps into the ground breaking rocks and blocks of square shape.
The multimedia guide “In the shadow of the Moor. The Sala delle Asse” accompanies the visitor through the events of the great room painted by the Vinci artist in 1498. The public is immersed in the dense tangle of branches and golden ropes that intertwine on the vault in complicated knots of great elegance.

MARCH 2019

Leonardo never seen: the construction work has begun for the extraordinary reopening of the Sala delle Asse by Ludovico il Moro to the public.

From May 16th the visitor will be able to admire the monochrome up close and discover other exceptional traces of preparatory drawing depicting landscape backgrounds, trunks, branches and leaves, emerged during the removal of the dull layers from the walls. The restoration activity will resume from 2020.

TGR OFFICINA ITALIA 23/03/2019 – 11.30 – Duration: 00.08.11Conductor: PAGGI VERAService: SANNA PASSINO CRISTINA – From: jesrag

Milan. At the Palazzo Reale the exhibition “The wonderful world of nature”. An exhibition dedicated to Leonardo at the Castello Sforzesco. With Michela Palazzo (Restoration of the Sala delle Asse); Francesca Tasso (Museo Castello Sforzesco); Claudio Salsi (Superintendent Castello Sforzesco) Guests: Giovanni Agosti (Univ. Milan); Jacopo Stoppa (Univ. Milan)


Gérard Albert Mourou, Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 2018, visits the restoration site to closely observe the innovative laser technology used to uncover the fascinating traces of Leonardo’s paintings.