The extraction of salt from the walls of the vault continues

Directors, restorers and diagnosticians discuss the results of the analysis: the first volume on the restoration of the Sala delle Asse is about to be published


The Scientific Committee meets to discuss the latest findings emerged from diagnostics and the cleaning tests

Colleagues of the Musée du Louvre visit the site: Dominique Cordelier (conservateur en chef), Sébastien Allard (directeur du département des peintures) e Vincent Delieuvin (conservateur de la peinture italienne du XVIe siècle)

The journalist Francesca Bonazzoli interview the Director Claudio SalsI


Restorers keep working on the descialbo and the pictorial integrations


The restorer Alberto Felici puts the laser for cleaning the lunettes to the test

The Group of Urbanfile Milano on the scaffolding of the Sala delle Asse with the restorers and Francesca Tasso. On their page (http://blog.urbanfile.org/2016/09/21/milano-castello-il-leonardo-svelato-piano-piano/), the report of the visit

Link: The restorer Alberto Felici removes the painted cards made by Ottemi Della Rotta to hide the traces of the restoration by Ernesto Rusca, which had been left for documentation sake


JUNE 2016

The restorers observe the lunettes and start to look for the original painting under the intervention of Ernesto Rusca and Ottemi Della Rotta

Antonio Sansonetti of ICVBC-CNR takes a sample of the salts from the vault for laboratory testing

MAY 2016

The scaffolding on all the four walls is completed. Now every cm of the painting can be seen very closely

Maria Rosa Lanfranchi starts the study on the trees’ trunks while Alberto Felici works on the lunettes

APRIL 2016

The restorer Maria Rosa Lanfranchi intervenes on the nodes and the coat of arms of the vault. We are building the final scaffolding which will occupy all the walls: Sala delle Asse is closed to the public

The journalist Rossella Canevari interviews Francesca Tasso streaming live on periscope (http://www.rossellacanevari.com/onein3/cms/a-world-first-time-solo-per-gli-utenti-di-periscope:-leonardo-da-vinci-(la-sala-delle-asse)/)

The RAI journalist Mario Tozzi shoots an episode of “Fuori Luogo” in Sala delle Asse talking with the restorers

MARCH 2016

The first cleaning trails by laser are made on the north wall lunettes

The construction of the scaffolding which will complete the pilot-project on the vault starts

A video is produced to show the multimedia projection that accompanied and amazed Sala delle Asse visitors during Expo Milano 2015


The restoration of the north-east wall goes on: scalpel in hand, the restorers are looking for traces of the original drawing

Two Leonardo da Vinci scholars exchange views in front of the monochrome: Pietro C. Marani and Martin Kemp

Also the Japanese TV wants to take close filming to Leonardo’s painting


The study project of the vault and lunettes goes on. After the salts’ removal phase, the OPD restorers carry out cleaning tests by applying Japanese papers soaked with chelating agents. Once the papers are removed, color is fixed with synthetic polymers