In cooperation with the Municipality of Milan and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism, A2A offers support to the Sala delle Asse restoration project at Sforza Castle in Milan through generous funding that will take the work to its completion.

A2A is a multi-utility organisation in Lombardy that operates at the highest levels in all the sectors it works in (energy, networks, heating, environment). A2A plays an active role in the territories in which it operates, supporting different kind of projects and activities, ranging from culture to the arts, environmental issues and sports.

A2A decided to contribute to the restoration works of the Sala delle Asse due to the great value that Leonardo’s Monochrome represents, not just to the city of Milan and region of Lombardy, but to the world, especially in view of Expo 2015.

Sforza Castle has frequently been the focus of A2A’s attention, which it considers a major asset to the Lombardy region. During the 1980s the company AEM – one of the parent companies, with ASM, of A2A – funded the restoration of some 300 objects from the Romanesque period in Lombardy, which had been packed away in various storerooms. Another project A2A has been involved in are the many improvements made to the external lighting of Sforza Castle, which have combined aesthetic appearance with respect for the monument’s history, and the night-time safety of the city’s inhabitants and visitors.